Mid-week surfing, wednesday 6th June

Mid-week surfing, wednesday 6th June

Postby Weeel » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:33 pm

It was sunny, magicseaweed predicted surf but it was wednesday and we had been in work all day and had to go again tomorrow. My new shiny surfboat hadn't been surfed yet so we decided to head for Whiterocks and worry about sleep and rest another time. Roisin, Kevin and Will (me) met at Jordanstown at about 6 and the journey began.

When we got to the beach it seemed calm but it was just the misty heat haze making the beach hard to see. We got kitted up and paddled out, the waves weren't the biggest but were coming in sets a few minutes apart, up to about 3 feet and staying green for ages. The new surf boat felt really tippy at first but we decided to go for a paddle along the coast to look at the caves towards Dunluce Castle. After about five hundred metres of paddling we met two very random people just floating there in the water. "what are yous doing" asked Roisin, "ah, just out fer a swum rown the arches" one of them shouted back. Ahh, they're locals, better just leave them then, they must do this a lot. We had a look at the caves and then went back to the beach for some more surfing. I gradually got used to the instability of the Amoeba but decided that the backrest needed to be further forward and the thigh grips were too small. When I finish padding it out it will be a lot more controllable. It is far more stable on a wave than my other boat and just wants to carve, even the slightest bit of edge and the rail just grips and grips forcing you to fly along the wave, even managing to outrun the shoulder - when I get fins it'll probably just be crazy fast. It can catch waves far earlier than anything I've paddled before, making me wonder if they were staying green for longer or if I was just catching them earlier.

We got back to the sheds around midnight after a good few hours paddling.
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