The Glenelly

The Glenelly

Postby Rick » Sun May 20, 2007 4:33 pm

Members: Rick, Mark2, Tom
Location: Glenelly
Weather: Hot & Sunny :-)
Water/Wave Height: probably normal

Decided with this recent spate of raining that some rivers must at least be back to normal if not full. So we took a wee jaunt down to Omagh to have a look.

Decided to run the Glenelly, a trib of the Owenkillew from plum bridge down to the usual get-out, its a grade 3 in the guidebook but I wouldn't have graded it that on the day, maybe with a few more feet of water it could get a little trickier...

It feels like a more natural progression to the gorge than the Owenkillew itself, which changes its style rapidly, in that there are several other narrow rocky sections in it- although it has to be said none of them are as good as the gorge itself.

It also has to be said that this section skips out the keyhole play spot without adding any playspots of its own.

Still, its a nice little run that's grade two at low water but still runnable and looks like it could be interesting with a bit more water- when we ran it the water was just coming up to the foundations of the bridge with a few little scrapes to get down it so if the water is any lower than there don't run it!

It also appears to be the long lost breeding grounds of the midges, there was literally thousands of them- at one point I was running rapids with my mouth and eyes closed!

The gorge had enough water to run through cleanly and we even tackled the now misnamed 'killer' weir (Kudos to Tom, the first UUJ member to ever run this section) following the fine example from Queens last freshers.

Then it was off to lie in the sun at the get-out as we accidentally locked the get-out car keys in the get-in car , thanks again to Mark2 for walking all the way back and thanks to the generous Mirc owner who give him a lift!
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