Gortin 6th - 8th December 2002

Gortin 6th - 8th December 2002

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Friday 3pm onwards

The weekend of the 6th December saw us off on another quest to mind some white stuff in the West Country. After the (what has now become standard) standing phoning/faxing either end of the country 'half an hour before we are due to leave' to get permission from some one sitting in an office to go paddling. 2 Hrs later the pressure was off, the fax came through and the bus keys where in my pocket, we were away.

After a speedy loading of the trailer and a quick dash round Tesco's, for beer and bacon, we hit the motorway.. Oh yea. A few hours later we where standing at the front door of the old school house in Gortin. Once we got the fire lit and had a beer or two we headed to Wards Bar. Where the craic is guaranteed to last into the wee hours of the morning. And this night was no exception.


After spending the night in a dam bed we where wakened to the sound of the Ketchup song played at 4 1/2 thousand revs. After a feed of porridge for those who could stomach it, it was neoprene for the rest of day. Once James and Emma arrived, we met up with Paddy and his crew from Letterkenny IT College under the bridge at the side of the Owenkillew.

This was the start of a fun filled day where people learned some kayak stuff. From ferry gliding across fast flow, to breaking out and pulling off some stern dips. It was evident that confidence was plentiful (even in a prozone) by the end of the day. It was so plentiful that it resulted in a few spills and a swimmer (yes my face is red). But to all intents and purposes it doesn't count because I pulled off several pirouettes before hand. I was just tired. Lee thanks for the assistance. That was a potential swim beer but you didn't stick around. All the craic lingered around the Key Hole like flies on shite. Pictures can be viewed on the photos page of our web site.

NB Some of the best pictures ever recorded from UUJCC. So good there is also a link on the Irish freestyle website to them. oooooh

Next was the 'gorgue' (that is purposefully spelt like that, club joke). Well what can I say still no swimmers. I hate writing about myself but the picture is there to prove that I came down vertically for about 20 yards 'oh yea rock on Tommy'. Nice pics Weeel.

At the bottom in the fast flow the lads from Letterkenny Lee, Decky, and another tall boy showed off there stern dips, not bad.

That was about the excitement for the day we were all whacked and ready for bed.

Back at the hostel

Before James headed back to Belfast we had a wee surprise for him. We decided amongst our selves that he was long over due some gratitude for his service and effort over the many years at the reins of the club safety. I'd just like to formally say
"Thank you James on behalf of the club, and may the future bring plenty more paddling your way" Thank you.

We presented James with an engraved hip flask for his services, and a speech from Rick that had a tear in everyone's eye.

Once we showered, cracked open more beer and thawed out in front of the fire. While Sarah and Kieran, (alias Jaws Hamilton and Sparky Robinson, this weekend we all discovered our Porn names. The idea is that you take the name of your first pet and your mothers maiden name and you're a porn star, but the vest helps.) made a feed of pasta and stuff mmm. It was very tasty.

Does any other club reading this have a strict diet of pasta on EVERY club trip? It has became as common as bringing a wetsuit.

Tesco is bound to have some other cheap crap that we can dine on.

Now we were all rested we played Twister for a while. But it always turns out more a fixed games resulting in possibilities for Karma Sutra. Then Rick and Jenny decided that they had enough and headed back to Belfast for a climbing comp on Sunday.


Back on the Same River for more run and games. Mind you there were fewer paddlers, but that didn't deter the keen. We played our way down the river learning as we went. Bernard the hired in coach was more that helpful, thanks Bernard we'll be calling on you again.

We arrived back in Jordanstown and unloaded the trailer in record time.
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