End of Year Trip - Sinking at Bundoran

End of Year Trip - Sinking at Bundoran

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Monday, June 3rd 2002

Members: Club Trip
Location: Bundoran

The End of Year Trip, Surfing at Bundoran - What could possibly go wrong?

Friday Afternoon

Its raining, heavily. Stormy all over. We're wondering if the union will give us the bus in this weather.

Plus we only have one driver....

Plus we're camping, and at this rate will be able to surf our tents in the campsite

And the risk assessment wasn't handed in...

As it turns out, the bus wasn't actually booked anyway...

We hang around the union for a while trying to persuade them to give us a bus anyway, we end up faxing the risk assessment up to Magee where the only person who can clear it is in a meeting. The weather, meanwhile is getting worse.
Heather, who's going on a trip with us for the first time is stunned into silence by our efficiency and organisation.
We eventually get word that the risk assessment has cleared, plus some other club cancelled their trip leaving us a bus!
Billy seems initially reluctant to let us go with only one driver, but finding out its Weel, he agrees. Whatever Weel did to get the bus last time still seems to be paying off..

Friday Evening

We got to Bundoran in fairly good time and set out looking for a campsite. We found one and Kieran revealed previously unknown bartering skills as he managed to get the campsite manager to knock the price down until we could afford it. Plus, seeming to realise we were students he threw in shower tokens. He pointed us in the direction of a muddy looking field and told us to camp there. Weel feeling that he hadn't had a chance to show off his amazing driving skills, and urged on by Heather, floored the accelerator and headed for the muddiest part of the field.

Yes, we got completely stuck! Numerous rescue attempts failed, we tried everything, including sticking bits of wood under the wheels, reversing the bus out, everybody pushing the bus forward, then trying backwards.. None worked. Eventually we decided to go get the campsite manager, despite the fact we'd covered his field in skid marks and plundered his pile of building materials for wood. Weel was the logical person to be voulenteered SINCE IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT!! (and Heathers!). The manager turned up to have a look at the wreckage we'd managed to create with 10 minutes of being there. He told us that the only tractor he had which could pull us out was away to some far-away place and wouldn't be back till the next day. Surfing was looking less and less likely by the minute. Eventually we stopped staring at the bus and put the tents up.

To dull the thought that we might have to explain to Billy why we came back to Belfast by train, we went to the pub, at last!

Some people, to cries of "Faders!" went back to the campsite at about 1.00, the rest followed at random intervals until almost everyone was peacefully sleeping (within only another 30mins, faders indeed!) Well apart from a Dubliner who "met people". Suddenly, through the night came cries of pain as Rick and Jenny arrived back and Rick tried to take Jenny's shoes off to put her to bed (awwh! he's getting soft!). Jenny, however seemed to be under the impression he was stealing them and fought back bravely, much to Ricks discomfort.


Prompted by Weel the manager turned up with a tiny tractor, apparently he'd decided that if he didn't get the bus out he might never be rid of us. He tied a rope to the front of the bus.... Took a run up...

...And his wheels began to spin
...And his bumper nearly came off

Eventually, with the manager near cardiac arrest the bus came free! Yippee!

We headed down to the usual beach to go surfing, after a couple of detours, and a really excellent 3-point turn by Weel when we got stuck down a narrow lane, which ALMOST made up for the previous day, we were at the beach. Maura, Fiona, and Sarah decided the waves were too big for surfing so went body-boarding instead. Weel, Rick, Niall and Kieran headed in on the boats and Jenny flew her kite on the beach. After we'd all decided we'd had enough, we headed into the pub, where Jenny and Rick announced they were leaving us since Rick had his final year presentation on Monday. They left and we were pleasantly surprised to see that Jenny had left us her wallet, very kind of her.

Back at campsite we dumped the trailer and found Rick and Jenny taking their tent down, so they rescued Jenny's wallet from us. Yet again we headed out to the pub(s). Ending up at bar with a hen-night and truly awful rock band, Kieran and Sarah headed back. The rest stayed and as they can't remember where they went, they must have had a good time.


We headed back to the beach for more bodyboarding and surfing, the waves were even bigger than the previous day, up to about 6ft at times. Everybody headed in and Heather and Niall joined the bodyboarders while the surfers were reduced to just Kieran and Weel. The bodyboarders headed to the pub to wait for the surfers to come out, they were waiting a long time as Weel and Kieran decided to wait for the tide to come in so they wouldn't have to pull their boats 100yrds up the beach... We headed back to Jordanstown, only to meet Rick at the boat sheds. He'd lost the keys to his house in Bundoran and had been staying at Jenny's till we came back. Unfortunately they wern't on the bus and his landlady was nowhere to be found, so he left wondering where he was going to get a suit for his presentation the next morning...

This trip unleashed the poetic powers of some club members, here's the results:

When Weeels on the bus it,

When Weeels on the bus it,
All day long.
- (composed by Niall)

Weeel the original racer guy
We let him drive the bus eh why?
Because of true Weeel rally passion,
The bus was bogged in proper fashion,
Don’t know what race you were trying to win,
But man you sure made that minibus spin.
Rescue attempts failed it was truly stuck,
Planks wouldn’t even work, oh flying…..muck,
It looked like the end for the new minibus,
But Weeel really didn’t see the big fuss,
Rim deep in mud may have been the worrying factor,
The camp manager to the rescue with his tiny tractor.
All was grand in the end you see,
And it really wasn’t anything to do with me!
Weeel it looks like you may just get the sack,
Miss Kayak will have to go on your own roof rack.
(Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with the notion of going off road and I would just like to say “I am proud of u wweeeeeeeelllll”)

- (composed by Heather)
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