The Infamous Wicklow Trip!

The Infamous Wicklow Trip!

Postby tripreporter » Tue Apr 02, 2002 6:07 pm

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The Easter trip to Wicklow, promising a fun river, a scary waterfall and of-course the usual merriment.

Thursday 4 April 02

24 hrs until departure for Wicklow.
Problem: paddling in Wicklow would involve scraping along the bottom of the river and possible getting out and pushing. This was looking likely and so far back up plans involve doing what all great Irishmen would when board in Wicklow, that’s right, DRINK, FECK, ARSE, GIRLS. However even our resident hardened drinker thought Wicklow was to far to go just for a drinking weekend.

A plan was quickly formed late that Thursday eve, it would be off to White Rocks, on the assumption that there would be water in the ocean.

Problem: where are we going to find accommodation for 10 people cheaply in Portrush with a days notice?


Put forward in sarcasm, Rick was quick to take up the idea, must have been the thought of all those ladies in the same tent . A quick ring round secured the tents we needed and it was off to the beach.

Problem: No one had done a risk assessment for white rocks, the Uni was closed and there was no Billy to get a bus from.

Friday 5 April 02

We turned up at the shed hopeful, well most of us, some had yet to pack assuming we would be going nowhere. Will came through with a minibus; God only knows what he done to get the keys from Billy.

Ok, so now we are all set. Well no, as it happens, nobody had a key for the trailer, and Shane was thought to be in Clare. Will and Kieran got a hammer and chisel and a hacksaw, only to have their fun spoilt by Shane who ended up being in Jordanstown.

After one or two other delays, i.e. Rick going home to pack only to find out when he got there his keys were back at the shed, we were off, on possibly the worst organised trip ever. Though records were broken, as we were only 15 minutes behind schedule, compared to the usual 2 hours.

One "scenic route" trip later, thanks to Weeeell, the club arrived. Surfing and Body-Boarding till sundown at 7ish. Reasonable surf, an empty beach and no one swam, perfect. On to the campsite, where a sadistic owner decided to make us take the bus through a stone gate with an inch clearance to either side. Much credit to Will who saved the bus, shame about the trailer and the guy’s wall!!

Jenny impressed us all with her Circus tent. Rick and herself taking one half, and Jimmy the other. Apparently the noises in the night are to be blamed on the Circus Animals (so that’s what they call it now days). Dinner was had in a Don Giovanni’s (in your best Italian accent). Will wonders never cease, the club eating in a posh restaurant? And all sober too. Jimmy arrived as the food was served, and quickly left looking sad and lonely, though he was quick to find a chippy.

The usual drinking was done at the campsite in the minibus, though in moderation. And the children went of to play in the park in the middle of the night.

Saturday 6 April 02

Early morning sabotage to tents to get people up etc. After the earliest start the club has ever made we get to the beach to find no surf. Will decided "I’m gonna dig me a hole" and did. A sand mountain was erected, then so was Jimmy as he created him a sandwoman. After two hours of fun, during which Rick and Jenny made a mysterious trip to the sand dunes, and some praying to the great surf gods above the waves finally came. A great afternoon of surfing, with Richard hugging and kissing his new demo boat with every opportunity. The waves got a little crazy, mangling both Jenny and Kieran, who were quick to learn the pole volt from Rick. Will sank 2 or 3 times, blaming his deck, (a likely story).

The worst organised trip ever, which saw the least amount of drinking, yet went of with less glitches or delays than ever, possible more paddling than ever and was great craic!!
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